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Scott’s Haulage in Trenton can supply you with high-quality aggregates and more for your landscaping projects, construction needs and more. We have our own crusher, so all of our products are created at our location and to our high standards. We also recycle products such as concrete and asphalt.


Residential, commercial, municipal or industrial, let Scott’s Haulage meet your sand and gravel needs!


If we don’t have it, we can get it. If we can’t get it, it does not exist!


Aggregates– Scott’s Haulage is your one-stop source for all construction aggregates! Let us know which aggregates you require, and we’ll get them.

Gravel– Gravel can serve in decorative and functional roles on driveways, walkways, in flower beds and more. We supply crushed gravel for all applications, as well as pit run gravel.

Sand– Whether it’s for your kids’ sandbox or to serve as a base for paver installation, Scott’s Haulage has the sand you need. We can provide screened and unscreened red sand as well as fill sand. We also carry filter media sand.

Screened Topsoil– Need fill soil to level areas of your property? Looking for high-quality soil to create a raised bed garden or use to enrich your existing planting beds? Scott’s Haulage has lump-free screened (sifted) topsoil to suit many applications.

Stone– Stones of all sizes can be a great way to add colour and texture to your property. Scott’s Haulage has stones in a range of sizes, and we’d be glad to help you choose the right stone for your yard. Options include:

Stone dust
1 ½ crushed stone
¾ crushed stone
3” minus stone
1” – 6” stones
Armour stone/riprap
Decorative stones

Other available materials include crushed asphalt, mortars and triple mix compost.


Come See Us

Material delivery and pickup are available from two locations:

832 County Rd 5, Quinte West, ON K0K 3M0 (Main gravel pit)

17 Lester Road, Trenton, ON, K8V 5P8

Equipment Rental Available

Need the power of a bulldozer or backhoe for your project? Rent the equipment you need from Scott’s Haulage! We have the largest variety of equipment for hire in Quinte West, and if we don’t have it, we’ll get it for you! All rentals come with an operator. Options include:

Screening plants
Float trucks
Dump trucks
Snow plows


Recycled asphalt
Pea stone
Recycled concrete
¾ crushed gravel
Triple mix
Mortar sand
Bark mulch
Red sand
Screened red sand
Screened sand
Salt and sand mixture
Limestone crushed gravel
Limestone 3” minus
Limestone screenings
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